5 Things You Need to Be Doing Right Now If Travel is in Your Future

Hoping to be on the road some day soon traveling to a far away place? Read our 5 things that you should be doing right NOW so that when the time comes you’re ready to rumble.

1. Get Your Passports

Like go right now. Really. I’ll still be here talking about this when you get back. Whether you’re just getting them updated or you’re starting from scratch, getting this process out of the way will be one less thing to worry about when that big trip comes along. Nate and I waited until we had an adventure on the books to start updating ours and then had to

pay the extra rush fees ($60 each). BUMMER! Normally the whole thing takes 6-8 weeks. The rush version speeds it up to 2-3 weeks, but you pay extra for it. The other option is to go to a location that can give it to you that same day. This costs more ($60 each) and can be tricky as you have to prove to them that you are indeed traveling in the next 14 days. You may have to travel quite a ways to get to the closest passport agency. Find the nearest one to you here: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports/information/where-to-apply/agencies.html

2. Gather Gear

New York in the Fall? Dreamy! But don’t forget those quality walking shoes. Iceland in the Winter? Perfection! But what about that super warm, fluffy coat? Start gathering what you think you might need now for your travels. Hunt for sales or find friends who can loan you something. We’ll do a post all about this soon (promise). Just don’t wait till the last moment when you’re scrambling around buying things at full price. Been there, done that.

3. Make A Travel Bucket List

You may already have several places on your “Travel Bucket List”, but try to add to it. That way, when a free weekend pops up you aren’t spending 3 hours deciding where you’ll go. Been there, done that too. I really should just retitle this “How NOT To Be Ready To Travel”. *Sigh* When your dream place comes up on Groupon, or your anniversary rolls around, you’re ready to go!

4. Start “Travel Hacking”

Also something you should start right NOW. Also something we learned the hard way on. If you don’t know what this is, or have never heard of it, do some research on it. Or read all about how we do in an upcoming post. This is a process so the sooner you start the sooner you’ll be flying for free or staying in that hotel for nothing!

5. Make Your Life Flexible

Not sure how else to put this, but work towards making your life a life that can travel. This will be different for everyone. For us right now this looks like Nate having a job that he can do from anywhere (he has the best boss!), and for me just having a part-time thing where I’m my own boss. Maybe for you this looks like swapping cars for something bigger or more gas efficient. Or maybe it means looking for a job that offers flexibility. It’s just a matter of priorities. What’s more important to you right now? The stability of a certain type of job or traveling? Both are great, but understand that there are seasons of life. Maybe this is your settled down season. Or maybe this is your traveling season……

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4 Responses to 5 Things You Need to Be Doing Right Now If Travel is in Your Future

  1. Debbie Lewis says:

    Great ideas! I forgot to renew my passport once and ended up spending the weekend in Chicago when my husband had to go on to Paris w/o me

  2. Ericka Hewitt says:

    Can I say that I was sad to get to the end of this post? Because I totally was! Thanks for the tips! Excited to see the new posts! Anthony and I are working on the “flexible lifestyle” now. One thing Im learning is to have a flexible lifestyle there really isn’t alot of room for debt or a luxurious lifestyle (brand new cars, huge mortgage, the latest and greatest Iphones)! The question is what are you willing to give up for that flexible lifestyle. 🙂 Thanks again!

    • Hannah says:

      YES! You can totally say that! Thanks for just making my whole day. That’s just too true! New cars, huge mortgages, and fancy phones have never been a struggle for me. Its more like Starbucks, a new pair of shoes, or late night runs for ice cream. Those little things are where all of my money goes. eeeeeek.