There’s a Castle in Colorado

Yes, we’ve been to a castle. No, we’ve never been to England where they keep them all.

Back in February Nate and I went on a trip to Colorado for a marriage conference. Out of the dozens of locations we picked Colorado because we were hoping for that magical white thing called snow. There was no snow. On our drive home we went over the river and through the woods on a route that went right through the San Isabel National Forest. When we left that morning it was sweater weather in the low 50s. As we climbed into the mountains it grew cooler and cooler until it was 27 degrees! Everything had turned white and a soft snow was falling fast enough to dust the road ahead. It was breathtaking. We drove past fields with livestock milling around. We passed aspens bare of leaves, covered in snow. Finally, we turned a bend and there it was! A castle. Just sitting there.

I had read about Bishop Castle somewhere before and was just hoping that we would be able to find it. A car was leaving right as we pulled up which left us completely alone. It was so quiet and still. A mix of peaceful and terrifying. I was just positive that there would be a dungeon with bodies somewhere.

Maybe I was expecting Disney, but there were NO lines, NO people, NO wavers to sign. We just hopped out of our car and started exploring.

Um folks theres a castle in CO! Full of intricate wrought iron, secret passage ways, very dangerous drop-offs, and insanely high towers.

Everything was actually THIS white. I did a very minor edit on them. Not a sound could be heard anywhere.

I had done some research prior to the visit and found out that this castle had been begun by a 15-year-old boy back in 1959! Jim Bishop is still working on his castle to this day and you can go watch him on the weekends.

Since I’m terrified of heights (and better with the camera), I let Nate climb the rickety looking things while I watch.

A pathway that led to a horrible drop-off. Watch your step!

The view from one of the towers. You’re seeing part of the entrance with the draw bridge. Add this to your bucket list!

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