“Is it healthy?” “Actually … they’re both healthy.”

We were very excited to get the call from my doctor with the news that I was expecting … again! That joy quickly turned to sadness when she explained that my numbers were way too low and I had about a 50% chance of keeping the baby. She mentioned a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and a tubal pregnancy. After encouraging me NOT to get my hopes up, she said I would need to return for more blood work the next day. I’d only had blood drawn in the first place because I was five days late and kept getting negative tests.

My count was at a 40 and when the blood was redrawn it needed to be at a 80. God is just so much bigger than numbers and we were grateful to find a 117! All looked good.

When I went in for my first sonogram I was still a little nervous wondering if everything was ok with my little pea. When the ultrasound tech finally called us back I hopped onto the table with a mix of dread and excitement in my heart. After a few nervous laughs and a mumbled joke about my tummy not being quite as cute, I finally couldn’t take it any more. “Is it healthy?”, I asked. “Actually … they’re BOTH healthy.”

*Silence for two seconds.*

“NO!” “You’re joking!”

“I don’t joke about twins.”

“No!” “It’s Halloween. You can’t be serious!”

*Sobs*  (I think there was one happy sob mixed in with the overwhelmed ones).

“But I can’t have twins. I don’t want twins.” (Just being real here folks). “I’ll be as fat as a whale. We only wanted TWO!” “You’re [Nate] getting something done so this NEVER happens again.”

*More sobs*

“Honey, we can do this. You’ll be a great twin mom. It’s going to be ok. God will take care of us.”

The tech scanned and scanned and scanned. She was a twin mom herself and recommended I join a support group.

The last thing we discussed was that I would be considered high risk and would be seen by a specialist. In passing she also said that our babies are in the same sac. I thought nothing of this at the time …

When I started doing more research on twins I learned that there are three main categories of twins:

  1. Di/Di twins. These have separate sacs, separate placentas, and are almost always fraternal.
  2. Mo/Di twins. There have separate sacs, the same placenta, and are almost always identical.
  3. Mo/Mo twins. These have the same sac, the same placenta, are always identical, are are the most dangerous.

Since ours are in the same sac we are considered Mo/Mo. The more I read, the more my heart sank. The “chance” that they survive at all is only about 50%. Most Mo/Mo mothers are hospitalized from 24-28 weeks on. All Mo/Mo twins are delivered by or long before 32-34 weeks. All come by C-section. And almost all have a long stay in the NICU.

I was sobbing while I read. These tiny humans have completely stolen my heart. I want them both. And I want them healthy.

The best part of this sad news? We serve a big God.

We serve a God who is in control of ALL things. We serve a god who is bigger than numbers and statistics. And we serve a God who loves us and loves our two babies more than we ever will.

11.30.17 Twin Update

Y’all keep telling me you’re following our journey and that’s so cool! We may be waaaaay out in West Texas, but we certainly don’t feel alone.

We met our OB this week and really liked her. She’s sweet and calm. She told us she is one of only 3 doctors in all of Lubbock who will even consider delivering twins vaginally. Crazy right? This is 2017 Lubbock. Get with the all natural, hippy program. The other two are her partner and her mentor.

Then, just today we went in to get a high resolution ultrasound and meet with our specialist (our doctor’s mentor).

Two tiny babies popped onto the screen kicking each other and jumping around. They measured perfectly! Exactly the same size and strong heartbeats. But best of all, they are Mo/Di twins (meaning that they share a placenta, but are in two separate sacs). We all breathed a huge sigh of relief.

The doctor came in to meet us and explained everything the techs had seen. Even though they are Mo/Di, they are still identical and have more chances of problems than non-identical twins. He said is was about an 85% chance that they would be fine (besides coming early). He also said he would like us to come under his direct care and that we would be scanned every 2 weeks. My first doctor said she would insist that I get an epidural or she would not even let me try to delivery vaginally. This new doctor said that will be a choice Nate and I get to make. After having Fern without an epidural, I would really like to try that again. We’ll see. I may get to the hospital and loose my marbles.

All in all, we’re very grateful for the fact that they are Mo/Di and we are hopeful that we’ll be in that 85% who have no problems!

We’ll be finding out gender on or before December 11th!

8 Responses to TWINS!?!?

  1. Amy March says:

    I love y’all and I understand scary pregnancies! You will get through, and I love your realness.

    • Hannah says:

      Thank you Amy! We love your family too and laugh at all of your videos and pictures of little Tinsley. Thank you! As you know, scary pregnancies are just really hard to walk through.

  2. Karen says:

    God is amazing and His plans are always bigger than we can imagine and He holds us every step of the way.

  3. Krystal says:

    Praying for you, Nate and the babies! The Lord is good and only does what is good! Praying for God’s comfort and peace throughout this pregnancy 💜

  4. Collette 'Coco' Ellenberger says:

    Dear Hannah and Nate! Your Grandma Lewis told me some of the information regarding your twins; however, I just read, today, the information regarding the different types of twins. We are all praying, for you, dear ones, and, as you know, God is with you and through you, and holds you throughout your pregnancy. I won’t say, however, I know how you feel, as I don’t. I haven’t walked in your shoes. I do know all of us, together, in our big family circle, will continue to pray for you, Nate and your twins. Love, Aunt Coco