How to Visit Iceland on a Budget

Visiting Iceland on a budget, and still having an amazing time, is totally doable. It’s said to be the most expensive country to travel to and the capitol, Reykjavik is said to be the most expensive city in the world!  So how do you see this amazing country without breaking the bank? Continue reading and you’ll see!

Helping other people travel on a budget is our passion. We love traveling so much and want others to be able to as well! Iceland can cost $500+ a day. We did it for about $100.

10 Ways to Visit Iceland on a Budget

  1. Shop at the grocery store instead of eating out. Iceland isn’t known for it’s amazing food like Italy so feel free to skimp here. Grab whatever you can eat on the go. If you’d really like to eat out, try a bakery. Read everything you need to know about dining in Iceland here.
  2. Bring your own towel. Even if you’re going in the dead of winter, you’re going to need a towel. From geothermal springs and lagoons to hostels, you will be spending quite a bit more if you don’t have this. We saved about $100 from bringing ours.
  3. Fly WOW airlines. You just can’t beat $99 flights now can you?
  4. Consider hitch-hiking or giving rides to hitch-hikers. Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world and a great place to try this out if you’re like me and have “hitch-hike” on your bucket list. Often times you can pick someone up and split gas costs with them. We took a couple from the airport to our first destination and made $30!
  5. Pack light and right. WOW Airlines makes its money on those bags. Do your wallet a favor and carry on. That said, make sure you pack everything you NEED to avoid buying things in country and spending more. Read exactly what to pack here.
  6. Be your own tour guide. Read as much as your can before you go so you know what you’re seeing. Or ask a local. There are some really cool tours offered, but we had an insanely amazing time on our own.
  7. Skip the fancy hotels. Opt for hostels, airB&Bs and camping. Like I mentioned, Iceland is very safe and you can camp most anywhere on the island (be respectful!). Read all about where to stay in Iceland here.
  8. Visit a smaller geothermal pool. We went to the The Blue Lagoon. It was an incredible experience and I would go again in a heartbeat. BUT, if you’d like to have $120-$200 try one of the smaller pools (some are FREE or just $20).
  9. Use Google Maps. Instead of buying data relay on wifi and download google maps. We ran into a lot of people who hadn’t heard of this and had purchased $100 plans for their trips. We were not able to use out phones during the day while driving, but we could at night and being unplugged was awesome.
  10. Shop duty free. If you spend more than a certain amount you can pay 10%-25% less!!! You simply need to ask each shop for a duty free form. Fill one out for each shop and turn those in along with your receipts at the airport. Boom!
  11. Blogger? 10K plus Instagram followers? Bloggers and huge Instagram accounts are awesome advertising for businesses. Contact someone and just ask for something. Be polite.
  12. Get 5 cents off gas. Your rental car company should offer you a discount card for a gas station. If this is important to you, ask before you rent.
  13. Plan out your trip completely. Don’t get yourself in a bind. Book your car, nights, and activities as far in advance as you can. Read all about our five day trip around the whole island here.

Hope this gave you a few ideas on saving money and ways to visit Iceland on a budget! This was such an incredible trip for Nate and I. Several people told us that they don’t want to travel until they can afford to spend whatever they want and not feel pinched. Whereas you should never spend outside of your means, why wait to travel? The time will never be absolutely perfect. You will never have all the money you wish you had. You may never be able to fully ditch the budget. Go now! Enjoy life!

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