TTTS Update 01.05.18 – The Day After Getting The News

We are so much more hopeful today. Instead of waiting and weeping, we have been able to make plans and work toward planning a life saving procedure.

Our doctor called this morning to see how we are doing and encourage us. He affirmed that we had made the right decision to receive treatment. This specialist in Houston is world renown and the best possible surgeon (according to our doctor). Unfortunately, we are one of the very earliest cases that this specialist has ever seen.

Since our babies will be about 16 1/2 weeks there is only a 65% chance that they both make it and about a 90% chance of saving 1 baby. I hate to even type the word “chance”. God is just so much bigger than numbers and chance.

We are incredibly grateful to be able to stay with family in Houston. We will also have Nate’s mom is in town for the operation and my mom will join us for my week of bedrest following surgery.

We are also grateful to have received hundreds of calls, texts, messages, comments, and offers of help. People around the entire nation are joining us in prayer and that is extremely comforting and humbling. We often feel God’s presence and love the most through the community and church he gives us. Not one, not two, but THREE total strangers offered to open their homes to us in Houston.

Thank you for reading and praying.

2 Responses to TTTS Update 01.05.18 – The Day After Getting The News

  1. Debbie Lewis says:

    We are praying for you as you head to Houston. May you know God’s peace and rest in Him😊