TTTS Update 01.08.18 – Houston

Thankfully, we have some of the best doctors in the world in our corner.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:50 A.M. By 7:30, I was getting the longest ultrasound of my life. After a quick look at my cervix, the tech examined every inch of our still living babies. She finished up around 9:30 and sent her findings to the doctor.

We had been told we might need an echocardiogram and this was confirmed after the first ultrasound. Another two hour scan followed by a quick meeting with the cardiologist. She said the babies hearts both still look really good. Our recipient twin (the one getting too much fluid/nutrients) does have some slight signs of stress though.

After the meeting with the cardiologist, Doctor Moise, the MFM specialist came in and did a scan himself checking to see where the umbilical cords were located. He let us know that the surgery would not be today and let us go grab a bite to eat before continuing meetings.

When we returned, we were directed to a counseling room where we met with Doctor Moise again. He explained all that the scans had shown. The good news: the babies are still the same size and still have heartbeats. The bad news: because of the fluid levels, lack of bladder usage on the donor twin, and heart stress on the recipient twin, we moved from a TTTS category 1/2 to a category 3 (category 5 being death of one or both babies).

Then there was more bad news … a lot more. Since our babies are only 16 weeks along, the doctor is worried that when they go in for surgery that my membranes will peel away from the lining of my womb. This could cause preterm labor resulting in losing the babies. The other problem is that most women deliver 10 weeks after this surgery for TTTS, putting us at 26 weeks. Lastly, about 30% of women have a leak in their amniotic sack and need to be hospitalized for weeks or months.

There where a few other risks and concerns, but nothing as big as the three I listed. I think I started dazing out when he got to the statistics part, but Nate helped me remember. We are looking at a 69% chance that both babies make it, about 15% that just one does, and a 16% chance that neither do.

Nate asked if surgery could wait a few weeks to give the babies a chance to stay in longer on the back side of that 10 weeks. Unfortunately, they have seen babies slip away before while trying to go delay the surgery a few more days.

We then had three more shorter meetings with various people and I had my blood drawn.

We’ll go in tomorrow morning at 5:30 A.M. to get prepped for a 7:30 A.M. surgery. Our doctor has high hopes that the babies will make it through this surgery, but told us that this is just the beginning of a long uphill battle.

It was a very emotional day. I mispronounced a word and said “turtle” and burst into laughter. Then I burst into tears talking to the finance lady.

We will know more tomorrow after surgery and quite a bit more by Wednesday when I go in for more scans and tests.

Prayer Requests

  1. Successful surgery tomorrow (01.09.18) that stops the TTTS
  2. That the membranes stay intact and don’t peel away from the womb
  3. Peace during the prep and procedure for Nate, family, and myself
  4. That there would be no bleeding into the cavity of waters
  5. That the amniotic sac would hold together and not leak
  6. That the babies would STAY IN UNTIL 35 WEEKS!!!!

5 Responses to TTTS Update 01.08.18 – Houston

  1. Rhoda Catalano says:

    We are praying that you will be overwhelmed with the peace that only God can give you at a time such as this. I am so glad your mom is able to be out there as well.

  2. Jimmie Mccutchen says:

    Praising God for a 69% chance for both babies to come through, that He has you all in His almighty good hands. Agreeing with you on every request. Watching and waiting.

  3. Heavenlee Colón says:

    You, Nate and the little ones are in my prayers, sweetheart. Keep that gorgeous smiling going. There is always a silver lining to look to ❤

  4. Heidi Fraser says:

    Ryan and I just prayed for your whole family, for you, for Nate and for all three of your children. May God surround you with His love and give you. strength <3