2018 Twin Must Haves – Part 1

With all that we are walking through with our twins and TTTS, I decided to go ahead with this post on twin must haves that I had planned to do much later. I may not be a mama to twins tomorrow. So today, while I still am, I’m writing this post. Prayer is critical, but so is positive thinking and hope.

From the moment I calmed down and smiled about twins, I started dreaming about holding them. What would they look like? How fun to dress them! Two tiny baby dolls. Plus, there are SOOOOOO many freaking cute things for babies. How did I miss some of these with Fern?!?!

This list covers everything you’ll need for twins or just one tiny. I’m doubling everything because I’m pregnant with TWINS. So if you’re expecting twins this is perfect for you. If you have just one angel on the way, cut everything in half (unless noted).

Saving the “basics” (cribs, diapers, etc.) for another post. Doing the fun stuff now. When these items came in the mail I just sat and held them. I pictured Eden and Everly in/using them.

2018 Twin Must Haves


DockAtot Sleeper. Can you say dreamy? Honestly, I would have bought these just for the pictures of the twins in them! ha. When we had Fern we tried a bedside co-sleeper. It. Didn’t. Work. I was having to almost get out of bed to grab her every time and then she would be totally awake and wouldn’t go back to sleep for hours. We finally discovered “dream feeding” (where you feed before they are even fully awake) and it really worked for us. I’m all about you doing you, but this is something I would recommend everyone try if they are struggling at night time. This go around we are going to put the two DockAtots in the bed with me. It will make dream feeding easier and co-sleeping safer.

Billy BibsSince I won’t even have time to dress myself I certainly won’t have time to redress the munchkins every time they spit up or drool! We got some of these handmade drool bibs from Billy Bibs and are totally in love. I’m adding them to my registry because we’ll need more. I won’t even bother linking the exact ones we got because they go SO FAST. See a pattern you like? Get it right now. I never put bibs on Fern because they ruined her outfit. This gorgeous bibs however MAKE the outfit.

Milk Snob Carseat Cover. With Fern we just slapped a blanket on and called it a day. That didn’t always go so well … It would fall off and get dirty or Fern would wake up. These are going to be life changing. I’m pulling out all the stops with twins. If it makes life easier, I’m getting it. Not only will they stay on and keep the muffins asleep, a Milk Snob cover can also be used as a nursing cover, high chair cover, swaddle, and cart cover.

Ryan and Rose Cutie Clips. If changing the twins clothes several times a day is something I don’t have time for, I certainly don’t have time to be looking for pacifiers. Yikes. I don’t know what having twins will be like, but I don’t think missing pacifiers will be on the “helpful” list. I got two of these clips for each of the girls. A neutral to match everything and a pink to spice things up. Not only do Cutie Clips look seriously adorable, but they will save my sanity. Follow Cutie Clips on Instagram for awesome deals and sales.

The Ollie World Swaddles. We swaddled Fern and she loved it. These are like next level swaddles though. Not only do these have serious velcro to allow for your baby to grow (perfect for my two preemies), but they are made from a moisture wicking fabric to help decrease the risk of overheating. Probably best of all, Ollie Swaddles open at the bottom for diaper changes! No more painful deliberation (how long can my kid really sit in a dirty diaper before I have to wake her up? …) Change that sucker and and go enjoy a bath while they snooze away.

Binxy Baby. I had never even heard of a shopping cart hammock, but I’m dying to try it out!! I’ve heard babies just love them, plus they can see and be seen so much more. And … to be perfectly honest … I can’t wait to go to Target with all three girls and take pictures of the twins in them. When I pictured shopping with three under three I wasn’t totally sure what it was going to look like. One up front, one in a sling, and what about that other one? Ha. Now I’ll have my helper up front for some deep conversations and my two newbies in Binxy Baby hammocks. SO excited!

Batz Kids Milestone Blanket  Everything in this post has been about making my life a little easier (NO judgment … I’ll have three under three at 23) and more beautiful. This last item is about slowing down and capturing a little sliver of time. Everyone has told me how fast this first year will go and that makes me sad. Yes, I’ll be sleep deprived, dressed in sweatpants and Nate’s t-shirts, and not making sense when I talk, but I want to remember this year. After the horrible TTTS struggle to get the girls here, I’m going to want to make this first year as slow and memorable as possible. Taking pictures on a Batz Kids milestone blanket (again, EASY!) will be a great way for me to do that.

Thanks for Reading

Hope you enjoyed my list of 2018 twin must haves part 1. I’ll do a full nursery list sometime soon and include everything under the sun you’ll need for baby. For now, add these to your baby registries or treat yourself!

* This post contains sponsored links, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are truly my own. Thank you to all of you who support the awesome brands who make this blog possible!

2 Responses to 2018 Twin Must Haves – Part 1

  1. Kristina says:

    Love all of your picks! Thank you for including my bib!

    • Hannah says:

      Thanks again for sending them. They are so well made and the prettiest color combos! Eden and Everly will be wearing them aaaaaaaallll the time.