Breastfeeding vs. Formula + Baby Bottle Round-Up

Breastfeeding vs. formula can be a difficult decision for some families. Our plan from the beginning with Fern was to breastfeed exclusively. Breast is best right? I was only working part time and we had a very peaceful breastfeeding journey without complications. She nursed till she was 18 months, and could unfortunately say, “boobies” … yeah my bad. Note to self: stop before they can talk.

It’s hard for me to even admit, but I remember saying, “whatever is best for you” and then secretly judging moms who didn’t even try to breastfeed. I thought I knew what was best for their baby and thought they should have at least attempted breastfeeding.

God has truly done a work on my heart this year. I’ve not been able to do things “perfectly.” Fern has thrown living fits in Target. I’ve had my parenting questioned so many times. I’ve been “mom shamed.” I’ve done things I don’t agree with. God has used my own shortcomings to help me become a much more gracious person and mother.

Now, when I see a fellow mama doing something that I might not agree with, my first thought is NOT one of judgement. My first thought now is one of realization that I have NO idea what’s going on in her life. Is she bottle feeding because her milk dried up? Maybe it was her dearest wish and she is heartbroken that she didn’t get to like I did. Maybe she’s under an incredible amount of stress. Maybe she’s bribing her kids in the store because she can’t handle one more thing today. Maybe her sister is walking through something incredibly painful and she allowed her heart to walk through that pain with her and it is causing her children to sense a difference and act out.

I hope that I’m much quicker now to offer another mom a hand or a compliment rather than a harsh thought. I’ve been shown so much kindness through this twin and bed rest journey. It’s truly convicting, humbling, and inspiring.

Back to feeding littles! This go around, deciding between breastfeeding vs. formula for the twins was a difficult decision to make. I know there are just sooooooo many benefits to breastfeeding (for some of those check here), but is that what’s BEST? Is there more than one “best”? Maybe. For our family, Nate and I think breastfeeding AND formula will be how we feed our twins. We love the benefits of breastfeeding, but having them partly bottle fed will offer so much to our situation – others will be able to help feed Eden and Everly, I will be able to take better care of myself and Fern, and it will be less stress on my already taxed body.

Baby Bottle Round-Up

This was such a new world to me and I felt so lost. I thought I’d just hop on a well known baby website and they would have all the answers. Instead, I found them recommending 14 different bottle companies. That’s right – 14! I was overwhelmed because each one sounded better than the last and was touted as a “must buy.”

Eventually, I reached out to my Instagram community for advice. Y’all, my girls on there are the bomb. So many of them responded right away with advice, knowledge, and detailed information. I heard from doctors, nurses, nannies, and moms. I received a total of 98 votes. Out of aaaaaalll the brands out there, two won by a long stretch. Those two were Comotomo and Dr. Browns.

My understanding from other moms is that Dr. Browns are very similar if not THE brand used in most NICUs for preemies. They seriously help with gas and colic and have great preemie nipples. The biggest complaint with this brand is that there are a ton of pieces to clean and it takes forever.  So to the 12% of you having preemies, try Dr. Browns.


To the other 88% who are having full term littles, I would recommend the brand Comotomo. Moms raved and raved about those. They are very boob-like, have multiple nipple sizes, and are extremely easy to clean. The big complaint about these was the price. I’ve linked the cheapest place I’ve been able to find them here. For all of those middle of the night feedings, you’ll be grateful for a high quality bottle.

Both brands are BPA free (something we look for). We currently just have Comotomo bottles (with both regular and preemie nipples). Hopefully the twins will come at 36 weeks and our Comotomos will be perfect. If they come earlier than hoped for we will grab some Dr. Browns. Either way, I’ll let y’all know how we liked each brand.

Hopefully this makes your decision a little easier! Rather than coming on here and suggesting 5-6 brands, I’m just sharing the top 2 that my Instagram fam loved.

*This post contains sponsored links, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are truly my own. Thank you to all of you who support the awesome brands who make this blog possible!

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