The Minimalism Challenge – Week 4

Welcome back to the fourth and final week of the minimalism challenge! If you’ve made it this far, congrats! Not going to lie, I’ve totally fallen off the band wagon myself. Between moving, having 3 under 3, travel, and Thanksgiving, I’m just good ole’ fashion behind. I’m excited to get back into our challenge this week and hopefully catch up!

(I would recommend starting with Minimalism Challenge Week 1 if you’re new here!)

This fourth week is all about the non-material stuff that weighs us down. This can be spam emails that you are always dealing with, a cluttered phone, a schedule that is simply too busy, people that cause stress, or even poor eating. We can still feel stressed out even in a perfectly clean/dejunked home if we are living an overly busy, unfocused life.

I’ve also included what I call “systems.” This is just a time for you to evaluate what does not work/causes stress (I.E. getting out the door, dinner time, etc.) and make some changes. Make a plan for how you are going to keep your home dejunked.

We are heading into the holiday season. So many of you have reached out with questions about what to do with gifts and grandparents/other family members who may not understand your more minimalistic ways. I think the best possible way to approach this is simply from a positive point of view. Instead of, “Please don’t buy our kids X, Y, Z …” try saying, “This year we are hoping to focus more on giving and less on receiving.” Or, “We are giving little Jonny things that will help him enjoy the outdoors more.” ¬†Or even, “We are buying Susie this _____, would y’all like to go in on that with us?” If all else seems to fail, sit down and have an honest discussion. It’s not that you don’t want your little ones to be blessed with items they will love! It’s just that you might rather have fewer, higher quality items that maybe encourage their imagination. You aren’t the evil parents. You are the parents that are intentional and loving. You are the parents that are guiding and wise. Worded in a positive way this whole situation can go from one of frustration to one of added respect.

Minimalism Week 4 pdf

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