Gift Guide for Littles (0-5)

I don’t love McDonalds. It’s not the food. Let’s be honest … it tastes great (even though it’s not great for you). I hate McDonalds because of those cheap little toys. They are a minimalist mom’s worst nightmare. Haha. 

I don’t mind my kids having toys. I’m not a total crazy mom. Give me some credit here. What I do mind is junky, battery operated, cheap toys. Or too many toys. The toys I choose to give my children are always things that encourage outdoor or imaginative play. We live in such a fast paced, stress- filled world, and one of my jobs as a mom is making sure my children can be children. I want them outside, getting dirty, learning about the world, building things, making up whole worlds in their little minds. You will never see me buying my kid movies, iPads, mini baby laptops, etc. Do my kids watch the occasional movie? Yes! But we truly try to minimize things like this. 

With that in mind, here is my gift guide for littles. These are not all things I own (because we don’t want too many toys), but are all things I would love for my children.  

From Small Shops

World’s softest pjs – Plain Jane $38

Better quality dress-up – Little Adventures $32 

Baby toys – Oli and Caral $14

Baby toys – Binky Beads $10

Clothing – Rad Revolution Kids – $22 

Bows – Vida Rose Bows – $6 

Baby toys – Kolorovi Toys $7 

Sippy cups/thermals – Herobility – $10

Clothing – Eleanora and Co. $34

Hair clips – Josie Joans – $8

From Amazon

Cutest little rain boots! 
 Colorful tent for the backyard! 
Swing for the tree!
Wooden puzzles!
Backpack for adventure!
Vintage books!
Vintage toys!
Wooden doll house!
Doctor’s kit!
Tool kit!
Barnyard and animals!


Tea party set!
Rocking horse!
Play house!

Other Places

Thrift stores and garage sales – Look for vintage toys, play kitchen things, dress up clothes, wooden items, etc. 


Consider making something! Save some money and make it even more special. What skills do you have that you can put to work? Can you build a simple playhouse? Can you sew a few dress up items? 

One other note before I sign off: lots of times parents feel guilt that they can’t give their kids everything they want. Stop it! Your kids don’t need 24 new toys. They need love, clothing, food, and a place to sleep. Are you doing that? Great! Christmas is not about the gifts; it’s about Jesus. Even if you could afford everything, that’s not probably not what’s best for them anyhow. And if you can’t afford everything then please don’t overspend! Lead by example and talk about how this season is about Jesus and giving. Model gratitude, not greed. Teach your children to be thankful even though they only get a few things. These lessons are the greatest gifts you will ever give your children. These will stand the test of time, will not break, and will help them live healthy, successful lives. 

Merry Christmas! May His love and peace fill you now and through this coming year! 

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