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Life Update + Lifestyle Photoshoot + Baby Blooming Bath

Going hog wild crazy here and including several things in this post. Since having 3 under 3 my time is a bit stretched so these posts are going to be more packed. Hope y’all don’t mind. Merrell Life Update Nate – Still working at, and loving his same job with Red Dog Mobile Shelters. Working from home has been especially helpful during this season of transitioning from 1 to 3. We were crazy excited when he finished his accounting degree this Spring. Nothing … Continue Reading »

Latvia, Ligonier, and a Black Angus Cow Farmer – Part 1

It wasn’t a good Summer for 16-year-old Hannah. I had gained an extra 20+ pounds somewhere along the way (even as an avid runner – stress maybe?), I was really struggling with my “look” and finding my own style, aaaaaaaand I had used hydrogen peroxide on my hair to make it blonder. Instead of the gorgeous golden blonde I had anticipated, I had a slightly orange, slightly strawberry thing going on. Yikes. On top of looking rough, I was feeling rough. My parents … Continue Reading »

10 Things Only My Hubby Knows About Me

When I was 12, I found myself living every kid’s worst nightmare. I had just been introduced to an elderly relative’s friend. As all of my cousins ran outside to play I had somehow been singled out to stay inside and talk with this sweet old lady (something I now love!). As I gazed outside and imagined myself getting dirty or maybe climbing a tree, I heard my new aquaintance say, “So, tell me about yourself.” I of course, said the first thing … Continue Reading »


I was once standing in a line carrying on a conversation with a lady quite a few years my senior. Out of the blue she looked me up and down and then said, “You’re young” in a very matter of fact tone. I awkwardly smiled, but don’t offer up my age. She then asked, “How old are you?” “22 …” “Yeah, you’re young.” Um, ok. Another time I was mid-sentence with a new acquaintance when she blurted out, “Wait! How old are you?” … Continue Reading »