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The Grand Circle – Colorado Edition

The Grand Circle Road Trip The best road trip we’ve ever been on was our version of the Grand Circle. AND that was with 2 babies. We went with some of our closest friends who had a 3-month-old at the time. Fern was much, much older at 7 months. Basically, the Grand Circle is a loop that runs through parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. It is known for its numerous national parks and monuments. I’m sure there’s a more exact … Continue Reading »

How to Do Road Trips With Toddlers … Like a Boss

As much as I love traveling, I hate going on long road trips with toddlers and trying to keep them happy. It’s just not easy. They are so active at this age and want to be out running around. Who can blame them? I want to be out running around. We’ve gone on four long road trips with toddlers and countless short ones over the past year or so. From 4 to 36 hours, they have all been memorable. I’ve learned a lot from … Continue Reading »

There’s a Castle in Colorado

Yes, we’ve been to a castle. No, we’ve never been to England where they keep them all. Back in February Nate and I went on a trip to Colorado for a marriage conference. Out of the dozens of locations we picked Colorado because we were hoping for that magical white thing called snow. There was no snow. On our drive home we went over the river and through the woods on a route that went right through the San Isabel National Forest. When … Continue Reading »