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What’s In My Diaper Bag?

What’s in my diaper bag? I’m not really sure. Let me dump that sucker out and get back to you. Ha. Let’s just pretend for half a second that the diaper bag is clean and packed (minus the rotting apple and crusty fry Fern shoved in there). Finding the perfect balance between minimalism and being prepared is not easy. In this situation, I would rather be lugging too much stuff around than have an entire outing spoiled by poop on everything and no … Continue Reading »

The Ultimate Iceland Packing List

So what exactly goes on the Ultimate Iceland Packing list? Well I’m glad you asked. Only the essentials! This is a specific ultimate Iceland packing list, but would be similar or even exactly the same for other rugged and cold climates. You could also use this list for a camping trip and just add the camping gear! Or a warmer rugged trip and ditch the extra layers. Nate and I traveled on a cheap airline that charged crazy prices for all of the … Continue Reading »