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The Ava Bracelet

When I told my friends that I was getting an Ava bracelet I tried describing what it looked like and what it did. It was difficult, because this bracelet is so revolutionary. “It’s simple and small.” “It’s soft blue.” “Ok, it looks like Minion butt on a wrist band.” (If you don’t know what a minion butt is, just count yourself lucky or google “Despicable Me”. Haha.) What it looks like really isn’t as important though, because one of the amazing things about … Continue Reading »

Twin Nursery Reveal + Twin Birth Plan

I laugh every time I type the word “plan.” These twins have a mind of their own and will probably do the exact opposite of what we “plan,” but I get questions every day about how things are going so thought I would share. I have been experiencing prodramal labor (“false labor” or “preterm labor”)  for almost 3 weeks now which is a real bummer. Basically, I’ve been having really strong contractions and pain that don’t bring the babies out right then. Some … Continue Reading »

The Ultimate Baby Registry

Getting ready for baby is no joke. What better place to start then an Ultimate Baby Registry? Don’t get overwhelmed. You have almost a full 9 months to prep for this tiny creature that will turn your world up-side-down (in the best way possible), but the sooner you start the more relaxed you’ll feel. That nesting urge is real and will turn you into a crazy person if you have a lot to do near the end. This will be our second time … Continue Reading »

The Ultimate Nursery Registry

I’ve mentioned putting together a post on how we spent $1,000-$1,500 instead of $10,000 on Fern the first year she was born.  This is NOT that post. Haha. This is just a full list of everything you need to set up your nursery. Finding out you’re having a baby is so exciting, but it can quickly turn into a stressful thing as you start sorting through the 1,493 things “they” say you need for this tiny human. Hopefully, this ultimate nursery registry will … Continue Reading »

9 Pampering Gifts for Pregnant Women

Some woman have that glow, cute little bump, and tons of energy. Then there’s the rest of us… “Ok, this is new.” “What is that smell?!” “How many naps a day is too many?” “Yes, this commercial is sob worthy.” “My face looks like I just hit puberty.” “Well I hope that goes away.” Either way, pampering gifts for pregnant women are a great idea. If you’re the one expecting, do something for yourself or send this post over to someone who loves you (hubby, … Continue Reading »

God’s Faithfulness Through My Pregnancy Fears

Sometimes change happens slowly. Like the leaves changing color in the Fall. And then sometimes it happens in a moment. When we found out I was pregnant with twins, our lives changed. Suddenly everything was a little different. Then everything changed again as I sat on the edge of the doctor’s table and heard the letters “TTTS” for the first time. Everything had been so normal. So ordinary. And in a moment everything was different. I went from planning a play date with my … Continue Reading »

TTTS Update 01.17.18 – Because He Lives Miracles Do Happen

“The fact that you went to Houston, had the laser surgery, had the anmiopatch, and are sitting here with a viable pregnancy is a miracle.” Those words from our specialist today were the best we’ve heard this whole pregnancy. I’m home on my couch now writing this post, and for the first time ever I’m struggling for the words. My emotions have been so strained for so long. I think I also thought we would get more definitive answers today than we walked … Continue Reading »

2018 Twin Must Haves – Part 1

With all that we are walking through with our twins and TTTS, I decided to go ahead with this post on twin must haves that I had planned to do much later. I may not be a mama to twins tomorrow. So today, while I still am, I’m writing this post. Prayer is critical, but so is positive thinking and hope. From the moment I calmed down and smiled about twins, I started dreaming about holding them. What would they look like? How fun … Continue Reading »

TTTS Update 01.12.18 – Second Procedure

Yesterday we had the second and final procedure. The TTTS surgery was traumatic, but this one was almost just as bad. The waiting is what gets me every time. I tried to stay calm, but the longer I sat there, the more worked up I got. This was a very new experimental treatment too and that didn’t really help my nerves. It’s called an amniopatch and my specialist had only preformed this two other times. They spent the entire previous day prepping for it. … Continue Reading »

TTTS Update 01.10.18 – Waiting

Quick update since we don’t know much more since last night. This morning we were scanned again. BOTH babies are STILL ALIVE and look good considering the circumstances. Baby B (who was our donor twin) now has a visible bladder, but also developed slight heart trouble. Baby A (our recipient and the one who’s water broke) is still doing well and her heart has improved. Our doctor confirmed that the surgery looks like it was completely successful and TTTS has been stopped. Our … Continue Reading »