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30 Hours and No Epidural

Natural Childbirth At 2:27 A.M. I woke with my first real contraction. “This is is!” I always pictured it happening at night. It passed and I started wondering if it had been a dream, but when another one came just 6 minutes later I knew I had not imagined it. Opening the notes app on my phone, I entered in the contraction time, length, and an emoji for how it felt. After an hour of them coming every six minutes I decided to … Continue Reading »


“Is it healthy?” “Actually … they’re both healthy.” We were very excited to get the call from my doctor with the news that I was expecting … again! That joy quickly turned to sadness when she explained that my numbers were way too low and I had about a 50% chance of keeping the baby. She mentioned a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and a tubal pregnancy. After encouraging me NOT to get my hopes up, she said I would need to return for more … Continue Reading »