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Cheap Fall Activities For Busy Toddlers

Hello Fall Cheap fall activities for busy toddlers is a must when this time of year rolls around. I’ve never lived somewhere that had a real fall, but that doesn’t stop me from busting out the flannel, buying too many pumpkins, and ordering everything fall from Starbucks. Now that we have Fern, the first thing that I think of now is “HOW CAN WE KEEP THIS KID BUSY” while still enjoying fall. I want her to love this season from an early age, … Continue Reading »

How to Do Road Trips With Toddlers … Like a Boss

As much as I love traveling, I hate going on long road trips with toddlers and trying to keep them happy. It’s just not easy. They are so active at this age and want to be out running around. Who can blame them? I want to be out running around. We’ve gone on four long road trips with toddlers and countless short ones over the past year or so. From 4 to 36 hours, they have all been memorable. I’ve learned a lot from … Continue Reading »

How NOT to Get a Passport

The mail lady at the post office reached into a drawer and retrieved a bright green sucker for my crying toddler.”Can she have a sucker?” A candy bribe. Great. One of the many things I said I’d NEVER do as a parent. From the Beginning Back it up a few weeks. Nate and I were planning on starting a travel blog and working to plan an anniversary trip for the fall. We had talked about flying into D.C. and then taking the train up … Continue Reading »