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How to Visit Iceland on a Budget

Visiting Iceland on a budget, and still having an amazing time, is totally doable. It’s said to be the most expensive country to travel to and the capitol, Reykjavik is said to be the most expensive city in the world!  So how do you see this amazing country without breaking the bank? Continue reading and you’ll see! Helping other people travel on a budget is our passion. We love traveling so much and want others to be able to as well! Iceland can … Continue Reading »

Where to Eat in Iceland

Honestly, eating in Iceland wasn’t our favorite part. We were there for the sites and eating ended up being more of a time sucker than anything else. I remember just thinking, “Gosh! I like really need to eat again!” or, “One granola bar is ok for dinner right?” I did love that they make everything beautiful. Nothing comes just dumped on your plate. And they are the masters of sauces over there!! Everything tasted a little bland to us, but BAM, put that … Continue Reading »

Where to Stay in Iceland

Where to stay in Iceland is a fun topic to write on because we stayed in all different places all around the whole island. From sharing bunks with strangers in the northern part of the island, to having our own cozy room on a farm in the south. If you’d like to see where all we went on our five and a half day trip look here. Where to Stay in Iceland So, you have several options for where to stay in Iceland. There’s … Continue Reading »

How to Do Road Trips With Toddlers … Like a Boss

As much as I love traveling, I hate going on long road trips with toddlers and trying to keep them happy. It’s just not easy. They are so active at this age and want to be out running around. Who can blame them? I want to be out running around. We’ve gone on four long road trips with toddlers and countless short ones over the past year or so. From 4 to 36 hours, they have all been memorable. I’ve learned a lot from … Continue Reading »

Five Day Iceland Itinerary To See the Whole Island

What’s the Deal with Iceland?? So many people have asked us why we picked Iceland. Even more have asked us what there is to see in this amazing country. We chose Iceland after seeing ONE picture. We had planned another trip for our three year anniversary, but a picture of Iceland’s ice caves popped up and we fell in love. Then we found flights for $99 and knew it was a good option for us (who doesn’t love $99 flights!?). We did need … Continue Reading »

How NOT to Get a Passport

The mail lady at the post office reached into a drawer and retrieved a bright green sucker for my crying toddler.”Can she have a sucker?” A candy bribe. Great. One of the many things I said I’d NEVER do as a parent. From the Beginning Back it up a few weeks. Nate and I were planning on starting a travel blog and working to plan an anniversary trip for the fall. We had talked about flying into D.C. and then taking the train up … Continue Reading »

5 Things You Need to Be Doing Right Now If Travel is in Your Future

Hoping to be on the road some day soon traveling to a far away place? Read our 5 things that you should be doing right NOW so that when the time comes you’re ready to rumble. 1. Get Your Passports Like go right now. Really. I’ll still be here talking about this when you get back. Whether you’re just getting them updated or you’re starting from scratch, getting this process out of the way will be one less thing to worry about when … Continue Reading »