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30 Hours and No Epidural

Natural Childbirth At 2:27 A.M. I woke with my first real contraction. “This is is!” I always pictured it happening at night. It passed and I started wondering if it had been a dream, but when another one came just 6 minutes later I knew I had not imagined it. Opening the notes app on my phone, I entered in the contraction time, length, and an emoji for how it felt. After an hour of them coming every six minutes I decided to … Continue Reading »


“Is it healthy?” “Actually … they’re both healthy.” We were very excited to get the call from my doctor with the news that I was expecting … again! That joy quickly turned to sadness when she explained that my numbers were way too low and I had about a 50% chance of keeping the baby. She mentioned a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and a tubal pregnancy. After encouraging me NOT to get my hopes up, she said I would need to return for more … Continue Reading »

How to Do Road Trips With Toddlers … Like a Boss

As much as I love traveling, I hate going on long road trips with toddlers and trying to keep them happy. It’s just not easy. They are so active at this age and want to be out running around. Who can blame them? I want to be out running around. We’ve gone on four long road trips with toddlers and countless short ones over the past year or so. From 4 to 36 hours, they have all been memorable. I’ve learned a lot from … Continue Reading »