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Latvia, Ligonier, and a Black Angus Cow Farmer – Part 2

When the conference ended I thought I would never see Nate again. I went back to working and he went back to Tennessee to finish high school and prep for college. (For part one of our story click here.) David and I went back to “intentionally talking.” It was this weird in-between phase of being exclusive, but not fully courting. We would talk at church, text, and he would occasionally join our family for events. We were both confused and didn’t know what … Continue Reading »

Latvia, Ligonier, and a Black Angus Cow Farmer – Part 1

It wasn’t a good Summer for 16-year-old Hannah. I had gained an extra 20+ pounds somewhere along the way (even as an avid runner – stress maybe?), I was really struggling with my “look” and finding my own style, aaaaaaaand I had used hydrogen peroxide on my hair to make it blonder. Instead of the gorgeous golden blonde I had anticipated, I had a slightly orange, slightly strawberry thing going on. Yikes. On top of looking rough, I was feeling rough. My parents … Continue Reading »

TTTS Update 01.16.18 – Amniopatch

One of my best friends called today for an update and I realized that I hadn’t really shared about tomorrow’s follow-up appointment and what it means exactly. When we left Lubbock last week, the plan was to go to Houston, get laser surgery, be completely healed, praise Jesus, and go home. When my waters broke just minutes after leaving the operating room last Tuesday, all of that changed. When the MFM (baby specialist) came in to see what was going on, she scanned … Continue Reading »

TTTS Update 01.09.18 – Surgery

It’s 8:46 P.M. That means there are only 3 hours and 14 minutes left of the worst day of my life. I’ve cried, wept, sobbed, and cried some more. My eyes are swollen and the headache medicines aren’t even touching the throbbing in my head. I’m only emotionally able to write this because TTTS has not yet claimed the life of either of my daughters. We are also in a critical stage and we NEED your continued prayers. We checked in at the hospital … Continue Reading »

10 Things I’m Grateful For – Thanksgiving 2017

What a year for the Merrell family. Lubbock Texas has been our home now for almost a year and a half and we love it. From cotton felids, to cowboy boots, to the Caprock, we have truly enjoyed the time here. I feel like most of the things I mention are going to be totally cheesy, but isn’t that the best? Just being grateful for the small things in life? “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” … Continue Reading »