TTTS Update 01.09.18 – Surgery

It’s 8:46 P.M. That means there are only 3 hours and 14 minutes left of the worst day of my life. I’ve cried, wept, sobbed, and cried some more. My eyes are swollen and the headache medicines aren’t even touching the throbbing in my head. I’m only emotionally able to write this because TTTS has not yet claimed the life of either of my daughters. We are also in a critical stage and we NEED your continued prayers. We checked in at the hospital … Continue Reading »

TTTS Update 01.08.18 – Houston

Thankfully, we have some of the best doctors in the world in our corner. We arrived at the hospital at 6:50 A.M. By 7:30, I was getting the longest ultrasound of my life. After a quick look at my cervix, the tech examined every inch of our still living babies. She finished up around 9:30 and sent her findings to the doctor. We had been told we might need an echocardiogram and this was confirmed after the first ultrasound. Another two hour scan … Continue Reading »

TTTS Update 01.05.18 – The Day After Getting The News

We are so much more hopeful today. Instead of waiting and weeping, we have been able to make plans and work toward planning a life saving procedure. Our doctor called this morning to see how we are doing and encourage us. He affirmed that we had made the right decision to receive treatment. This specialist in Houston is world renown and the best possible surgeon (according to our doctor). Unfortunately, we are one of the very earliest cases that this specialist has ever … Continue Reading »

TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome)

TTTS As many of you have seen on Facebook or Instagram, we were just diagnosed with TTTS or Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. For technical terms look here. Basically, one twin passes all or his/her nutrients to the other twin and doesn’t get enough back. It is dangerous to the donor because they basically starve and dangerous to the recipient because it receives way too much blood and fluids. Somehow we made all of the tiniest percentages. Not only are we having twins, but they … Continue Reading »

The Ultimate Iceland Bucket List

Whether you have two weeks in Iceland or just five days (like us), read this ultimate Iceland bucket list to make sure you get it all in! Planning is key to having the best possible trip to Iceland. Some of the most beautiful places are easy to miss so know what you’re looking for! We just had five days in Iceland, but we went around the entire island and hit all of the most amazing sites. Read our full itinerary here. The Ultimate Iceland … Continue Reading »

Clean Green Smoothie Recipe

Whether you’re a super clean eater or just wish you were (me), you’ll love this healthy green smoothie recipe. Some smoothies include sorbet or sweeteners. This recipe gets its flavor and sweetness from the pineapple, pineapple juice, and mango. Make life simpler by getting most of your fruit and veggies in in the morning without having to think too hard about it! I’m no food blogger, but this recipe is too good not to share. As much as I’d love to have myself … Continue Reading »

How to Visit Iceland on a Budget

Visiting Iceland on a budget, and still having an amazing time, is totally doable. It’s said to be the most expensive country to travel to and the capitol, Reykjavik is said to be the most expensive city in the world!  So how do you see this amazing country without breaking the bank? Continue reading and you’ll see! Helping other people travel on a budget is our passion. We love traveling so much and want others to be able to as well! Iceland can … Continue Reading »

Twin Gender Reveal

We had wanted to be surprised with the gender of baby number two, but then they surprised us with being TWINS!! Since so much is in the air with twins, Nate and I want to plan as much as possible. So when our doctor asked if we’d like to find out gender at 12 weeks, we said, “YES!!!” Tuesday, December 12, 2017 I passed off a sealed note from our doctor to my friend over lunch. Then I went home and made pink … Continue Reading »

The Ultimate Iceland Packing List

So what exactly goes on the Ultimate Iceland Packing list? Well I’m glad you asked. Only the essentials! This is a specific ultimate Iceland packing list, but would be similar or even exactly the same for other rugged and cold climates. You could also use this list for a camping trip and just add the camping gear! Or a warmer rugged trip and ditch the extra layers. Nate and I traveled on a cheap airline that charged crazy prices for all of the … Continue Reading »

30 Hours and No Epidural

Natural Childbirth At 2:27 A.M. I woke with my first real contraction. “This is is!” I always pictured it happening at night. It passed and I started wondering if it had been a dream, but when another one came just 6 minutes later I knew I had not imagined it. Opening the notes app on my phone, I entered in the contraction time, length, and an emoji for how it felt. After an hour of them coming every six minutes I decided to … Continue Reading »