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God’s Faithfulness Through My Pregnancy Fears

Sometimes change happens slowly. Like the leaves changing color in the Fall. And then sometimes it happens in a moment. When we found out I was pregnant with twins, our lives changed. Suddenly everything was a little different. Then everything changed again as I sat on the edge of the doctor’s table and heard the letters “TTTS” for the first time. Everything had been so normal. So ordinary. And in a moment everything was different. I went from planning a play date with my … Continue Reading »

Twin Gender Reveal

We had wanted to be surprised with the gender of baby number two, but then they surprised us with being TWINS!! Since so much is in the air with twins, Nate and I want to plan as much as possible. So when our doctor asked if we’d like to find out gender at 12 weeks, we said, “YES!!!” Tuesday, December 12, 2017 I passed off a sealed note from our doctor to my friend over lunch. Then I went home and made pink … Continue Reading »


“Is it healthy?” “Actually … they’re both healthy.” We were very excited to get the call from my doctor with the news that I was expecting … again! That joy quickly turned to sadness when she explained that my numbers were way too low and I had about a 50% chance of keeping the baby. She mentioned a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and a tubal pregnancy. After encouraging me NOT to get my hopes up, she said I would need to return for more … Continue Reading »