Latvia, Ligonier, and a Black Angus Cow Farmer – Part 2

When the conference ended I thought I would never see Nate again. I went back to working and he went back to Tennessee to finish high school and prep for college. (For part one of our story click here.) David and I went back to “intentionally talking.” It was this weird in-between phase of being exclusive, but not fully courting. We would talk at church, text, and he would occasionally join our family for events. We were both confused and didn’t know what … Continue Reading »

Latvia, Ligonier, and a Black Angus Cow Farmer – Part 1

It wasn’t a good Summer for 16-year-old Hannah. I had gained an extra 20+ pounds somewhere along the way (even as an avid runner – stress maybe?), I was really struggling with my “look” and finding my own style, aaaaaaaand I had used hydrogen peroxide on my hair to make it blonder. Instead of the gorgeous golden blonde I had anticipated, I had a slightly orange, slightly strawberry thing going on. Yikes. On top of looking rough, I was feeling rough. My parents … Continue Reading »

Breastfeeding vs. Formula + Baby Bottle Round-Up

Breastfeeding vs. formula can be a difficult decision for some families. Our plan from the beginning with Fern was to breastfeed exclusively. Breast is best right? I was only working part time and we had a very peaceful breastfeeding journey without complications. She nursed till she was 18 months, and could unfortunately say, “boobies” … yeah my bad. Note to self: stop before they can talk. It’s hard for me to even admit, but I remember saying, “whatever is best for you” and … Continue Reading »

God’s Faithfulness Through My Pregnancy Fears

Sometimes change happens slowly. Like the leaves changing color in the Fall. And then sometimes it happens in a moment. When we found out I was pregnant with twins, our lives changed. Suddenly everything was a little different. Then everything changed again as I sat on the edge of the doctor’s table and heard the letters “TTTS” for the first time. Everything had been so normal. So ordinary. And in a moment everything was different. I went from planning a play date with my … Continue Reading »

10 Things Only My Hubby Knows About Me

When I was 12, I found myself living every kid’s worst nightmare. I had just been introduced to an elderly relative’s friend. As all of my cousins ran outside to play I had somehow been singled out to stay inside and talk with this sweet old lady (something I now love!). As I gazed outside and imagined myself getting dirty or maybe climbing a tree, I heard my new aquaintance say, “So, tell me about yourself.” I of course, said the first thing … Continue Reading »

TTTS Update 01.17.18 – Because He Lives Miracles Do Happen

“The fact that you went to Houston, had the laser surgery, had the anmiopatch, and are sitting here with a viable pregnancy is a miracle.” Those words from our specialist today were the best we’ve heard this whole pregnancy. I’m home on my couch now writing this post, and for the first time ever I’m struggling for the words. My emotions have been so strained for so long. I think I also thought we would get more definitive answers today than we walked … Continue Reading »

TTTS Update 01.16.18 – Amniopatch

One of my best friends called today for an update and I realized that I hadn’t really shared about tomorrow’s follow-up appointment and what it means exactly. When we left Lubbock last week, the plan was to go to Houston, get laser surgery, be completely healed, praise Jesus, and go home. When my waters broke just minutes after leaving the operating room last Tuesday, all of that changed. When the MFM (baby specialist) came in to see what was going on, she scanned … Continue Reading »

2018 Twin Must Haves – Part 1

With all that we are walking through with our twins and TTTS, I decided to go ahead with this post on twin must haves that I had planned to do much later. I may not be a mama to twins tomorrow. So today, while I still am, I’m writing this post. Prayer is critical, but so is positive thinking and hope. From the moment I calmed down and smiled about twins, I started dreaming about holding them. What would they look like? How fun … Continue Reading »

TTTS Update 01.12.18 – Second Procedure

Yesterday we had the second and final procedure. The TTTS surgery was traumatic, but this one was almost just as bad. The waiting is what gets me every time. I tried to stay calm, but the longer I sat there, the more worked up I got. This was a very new experimental treatment too and that didn’t really help my nerves. It’s called an amniopatch and my specialist had only preformed this two other times. They spent the entire previous day prepping for it. … Continue Reading »

TTTS Update 01.10.18 – Waiting

Quick update since we don’t know much more since last night. This morning we were scanned again. BOTH babies are STILL ALIVE and look good considering the circumstances. Baby B (who was our donor twin) now has a visible bladder, but also developed slight heart trouble. Baby A (our recipient and the one who’s water broke) is still doing well and her heart has improved. Our doctor confirmed that the surgery looks like it was completely successful and TTTS has been stopped. Our … Continue Reading »